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JET NFT Cards have unique features that you can view with the JET NFT viewer “”.

JET NFT cards have interactive content (text-photos-videos) which can be updated and airdropped. In the foreseeable future, some JET NFT cards will hold rewards at purchase or be airdropped a later time.

Once you have either purchased or received a JET NFT card, follow this simple tutorial to explore its contents.

1- Login into your mobile MetaMask app:

2- Click on “ADD COLLECTIBLE”:

3- See “Add Asset” Menu:

4- Enter the JET NFT Smart Contract Address into the Address BOX “0x0cEF6aECC972BC49407c7c956eE5e22DAA9F0851”

5- Look for the JET NFT Token ID number. You can find the JET NFT Token ID number in the TX hash on etherscan at the point in time when the JET NFT was purchased or send to you:

6- Enter the JET NFT Token ID number into the ID box and click ADD:

7- The JET NFT is now shown in your MetaMask wallet. You can click on it to expand it:

8- To view the JET NFT CARD content, click on your Metamask menu on the left side:

9- Click on the Browser Tab right above the Wallet Tab. Once the Browser window is displayed, enter the JET viewer web address “” into the “Search or Type URL” box.

Warning: You can view the JET NFT card on your mobile ONLY within the MetaMask Browser. Any attempt to connect with chrome or another browser outside your MetaMask will NOT work.

10- When the JET NFT website appears, click on “Connect Wallet”. If you don’t have any JET NFT CARDs, a message will pop-up displaying “NO NFTs!”

11- MetaMask will ask you if you want to connect to this site. Click connect.

12- Your JET NFT CARD(s) will be displayed on the MetaMask Browser Window:

Art work display

13- Tap on the image to see its contents. Swipe the screen, or click on the arrows to see different content slides of the JET NFT CARD:

Specifications Slide
Photo Tab
Zoom into the photo
Redeem Menu




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