In this tutorial you’ll be learning how to provide liquidity to the JET/ BNB pair in Pancake Swap and how to lock them with Pinksale.

Part 1: How to provide liquidity for the pair JET/ BNB in Pancake Swap

Part 2: How to lock your Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens for 30 days

Special Rewards: First 100 participants to supply 1BNB and the JET token equivalent in the Liquidity Pool and lock the LP tokens for 30 days will earn a limited edition JET NFT, including a 1 oz minted pure silver coin. [Note] Not cumulative, only ONE minted silver JET per wallet

PART 1: Provide liquidity for the JET/ BNB pair in Pancake Swap

Login to Pancake Swap and connect your wallet (make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain Network)

Click on the Liquidity TAB:

Click on Add Liquidity:

Liquidity menu box pops up, now you need to select the BNB/JET Pair. Click on Select a currency in the top field:

Select BNB from the drop down menu:

BNB now shows along with your balance, now you need to select the second token. Click on the bottom Select a currency to add JET

In Select a Token enter the JET smart contract address: 0xc5b43669a899c5da2a98b2bf8c9082d5e8d5ee0d

The JET token then shows up along with your balance. Click on it.

Now you have selected the BNB/ JET pair and they are featured in the both fields.

Enter BNB value to supply liquidity. For the staking program you are required to provide 1BNB for 30 days (lock instructions are following). After entering 1 BNB, the value of JET will show automatically, make sure you have enough JET in your wallet. As a liquidity provider you will earn a 0.17% trading fee on all trades made for the BNB/JET pair, proportional to your share of the liquidity pool.

At the bottom of the box you can see the value of JET per BNB — The value of BNB per JET—The percentage of your holding in the liquidity pool:

Now you need to enable JET before supplying liquidity to the pool, click Enable JET and confirm in your wallet:

Once confirmed you can supply liquidity to the BNB/ JET pair. Click Supply:

A menu box will pop up, click Confirm Supply:

Confirm transaction in your wallet:

Transaction is submitted, now you need to add the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens to your wallet. Click Add CAKE-LP to Metamask:

Confirm in your wallet. Click Add Token to see your LP tokens:

Now you can see your holdings on the BNB/ JET Liquidity Pool:

PART 2: Lock your Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens for 30 days

In this tutorial you will learn how to lock your LP tokens from the BNB/ JET pair for a period of 30 days and earn a JET NFT with a special reward (1oz Silver JET minted coin for the first 100 participants).

Login into Pinksale. The platform enables users to lock their tokens for their preferred duration. Connect your wallet, the one holding the BNB/JET LP tokens.

In the dropdown menu on the left click, Pinklock:

Click Create Lock to see the lock menu:

Enter the LP tokens contract address in the field box, Token or LP Token address.

LP tokens address: 0xbC2B703B506FB780c8EF79d1aE5F475CDEc774C3

Enter the number of LP tokens, press MAX if you have supplied ONLY 1BNB worth of liquidity within PancakeSwap or at least the LP value of 1 BNB to earn your JET NFT. Then click Approve and Confirm in your wallet:

Once the transaction is confirmed, click on Lock and Confirm again in your wallet:

Congratulations your LP tokens are now locked for 30 days!

Last step: Send the locked transaction hash to Contact Us

To view the transaction, look into the activity tab of Metamask and select Lock, then click on View on block explorer, copy the hash and send it to

Thank you for joining the JET staking program!

Sample other rewards: