The Journey of the World’s First Blockchain-Powered Celebrity Begins

4 min readFeb 7, 2018

With Jetcoin Institute announcing their latest Jetcoin Champion, these are exciting times for a revolutionarily novel way of disrupting the traditional sports and entertainment ecosystem through utilization of blockchain technology.

May Myat Noe, the sensational young talent from Myanmar, became the newest Jetcoin Champion when she signed an agreement giving her worldwide (except Myanmar) rights for five years to the Jetcoin Institute for promoting her on the global stage. May, as many people would know, is a popular singer, actress and model from Myanmar and shot to fame for her participation in the reality show Asia’s Next Top Model where she was a finalist. She is also a beauty pageant winner having won the titles of Miss Myanmar and Miss Asia Pacific World.

Born in Myanmar, May later moved to Singapore with her parents, where she completed her secondary schooling. A chance participation in a singing competition acted as the engine that would kick start her career as a much liked and adored model. The Miss Asia Pacific World 2014 happened as a result of her exposure on a bigger platform and she also represented Myanmar in Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4 where she gained the love and adoration of thousands of fans.

May has always believed that steady steps and genuine ambition were key to making your dreams come true. Having achieved so much fame at such a young age, May is surprisingly grounded. May also believes in accelerating technology as a means of achieving those dreams. So her collaboration with Jetcoin Institute shouldn’t come as a surprise for many people who know her.

Jetcoin Institute was established with a view to disrupt the traditional celebrity-fan relationship. It gives an opportunity and a genuinely global platform for a talented individual to pursue his or her dreams. It also gives an opportunity for fans and followers of those talented individuals to actively support the talent in his or her quest to achieve success and eventual stardom. And in the process, the fans also gain from the windfall of success.

Fans are able to invest in the aspirations of their chosen talents through the use of JETs, or Jetcoin tokens. These tokens will help them buy a portion of the image rights of the talent they are supporting. As the talent matures in his or her career — by gaining recognition, popularity and brand endorsements and commercial contracts — the value of his or her image rights increases. This in turn rewards the people who have bought a part of these image rights. Jetcoin Institute thus provides a truly honest and democratic platform for any talented individual to pursue their dreams of attaining stardom through the active participation of their fans and the community.

May, with her new status as a Jetcoin Champion, will have the opportunity to chase her ambitions of making it big in the field of modeling and entertainment. Jetcoin Institute has created an exciting roadmap for her that includes creating a comprehensive portfolio of May to be presented to potential clients. This photo shoot will be conducted by established international fashion photographers in the fashion capitals of Paris, London and Milan. Promotional videos will be created for distribution on top fashion channels like Fashion TV and Fashion One, as well as on her official website and social media.

Jetcoin Institute will also develop and execute May’s print campaign and feature her on top fashion magazines like L’Officiel where May will be featured along with luxury brands. May’s official website will be launched that will allow fans to directly interact with her through subscribing to the website and being able to get closer to her through special promotional activities that will include special passes to her fashion shows, photo ops, meet & greets and special invitation to buy personalized merchandize. The website will also feature May’s exclusive photos and videos and up-to-date information on her events.

Jetcoin Institute’s Founder and CEO, Eric Alexandre has been a renowned fashion photographer and creative director himself. He has helped create some of the best campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. He brings his entire expertise to the table that will help launch the career of May Myat Noe as a truly global fashion model. Along with Eric’s acumen, May’s fans will also have a unique opportunity to support her in her endeavor to achieve stardom and will be very much a part of her journey towards success.

Exciting times lie ahead of May as she embarks on a blockchain-powered journey towards stardom supported actively by her fans and the community. She is set to become a truly democratic talent to be supported by even the commonest of her fans who will stand to reap the rewards of her success.




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